What is LiftOff Health?

Providing Support for Every Phase of Healthcare Business

The Largest Virtual Global Accelerator for Healthcare Innovation

  • LiftOff Health accelerates opportunities for funding, revenue growth & market expansion.
  • LiftOff Health is a digital, collaborative network of experienced executives, advisers and partners assembled to accelerate the growth of early, emerging and mature companies.
  • Our digital infrastructure levels the playing field for everyone regardless of location. 
  • LiftOff Health is about access & provides businesses with:
    • Access to the LiftOff Health library of knowledge resources
    • Access to experienced executives, consultants, professionals, service providers and investors
    • Access to LiftOff Health partners
    • Access to new markets through the the LiftOff Health worldwide network 

We take the physical accelerator/incubator experience and bring it online, accessible to any entrepreneur in any location throughout the world.

We serve the 98% of the 50 million businesses started every year that do not live in a major entrepreneurial hub like London, Dubai, Boston, New York, or Silicon Valley.