Virtual Innovation Center

LiftOff Health’s Virtual Health Innovation Center program allows healthcare organizations of any size to easily and efficiently find, test, and integrate healthcare innovations that make significant improvements to how they conduct business and serve their patient populations. 

LiftOff Health Virtual Innovation Center provides you with the world-class training, development resources and networking opportunities you need to cultivate skills, collaborate with colleagues, explore new technologies and keep your business growing.

LiftOff Health’s Virtual Health Innovation Center stands between the risk takers who create new healthcare innovations and the risk avoiders who need these innovations but can not afford to select the wrong solution. Through a combination of online education, simulation/modeling, and a virtual online community risk can be reduced and solution implemented by organizations of any size without investing millions to create a traditional innovation center.

The LiftOff Health Virtual Innovation Center is:

Online Knowledge & Collaboration Platform
A virtual portal to provide a comprehensive resource to help organizations grow their business and deliver greater client value in an ever-changing and competitive marketplace.

Hands-on help from our experts
The LiftOff Health Virtual Innovation Center site has experts on staff to offer help whenever you need it, wherever you are. Our experts offer everything from quick advice on products and technical issues to ongoing support for complex development projects.

Your personal project adviser
Imagine having a personal mentor and consultant to guide you through your next development project. Our project resource managers provide you with one-to-one assistance from the initial concept phase to completion and launch, helping you:
• Define and document objectives.
• Identify the technical, training, marketing and selling resources required
to keep your project on track.
• Develop a skills roadmap based on your objectives.
• Find the advanced technical support you may need, including IT
architects and specialists.
• Our project resource managers help businesses reduce costs and speed time to market.
Experts on demand
If you have questions and need answers, our subject matter experts are available around the clock to help you, offering assistance with:
• LiftOff Health hardware and software products.
• Technical and navigational issues and questions.
• Programs available to LiftOff Health Business Partners, including
technical validations, specialties and access to LiftOff Health hardware for testing purposes.
We offer support via chat or e-mail, 24 hours a day,  five days a week, in 10 languages.

Helping you become an expert
At the LiftOff Health Virtual Innovation Center Web site, you’ll  find the educational resources you need to sharpen your skills, drive more revenue for your business and stay up on the latest tools and industry trends including:
• Sales enablement, technical enablement and training in support of LiftOff Health industry solutions to help you with speci c issues for a number of industries.
• Guidance, resources and training to help LiftOff Health Business Partners ful ll LiftOff Health Software Value Plus requirements.
• Ongoing Web conferences, on a range of hot topics such as the LiftOff Health Smarter PlanetTM agenda and cloud computing, to enhance your sales skills, both within speci c LiftOff Health brands and across brands.
• Roadmaps and certi cation preparation courses to help IT and business professionals prepare for formal product certication and other continuing education efforts.
• Self-paced online technical and sales courses to get up to speed on more than 60 LiftOff Health software, hardware and services offerings.



We provide healthcare entrepreneurs, companies, payers and providers with the essential support and resources to create transformative technologies with a co-working space, accelerator, and incubator program.


We leverage LiftOff Health’s clinical trial resources to test and validate technologies to reduce risk for adoption.


We focus on the integration of new technologies in real clinical environments to ensure that technologies can be used by leaders.


We design digital health education for the next generation of digital health leaders across healthcare and digital health, to create an ecosystem for learning. 

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