Research Services


Do you have a product or service that needs proving and validating but are finding it challenging to find a pilot project or initial customer to make that happen? LiftOff Health Research Services was designed to provide the design and conducting of scientific studies to validate the value proposition of new products and services. The specific aims are to:

  • Provide a scientific and administrative structure that supports investigation of the efficacy of new health related products and services.

Services Offered

  1. Study Design and Proposal Development
    • Formulate wording of testable hypotheses and associated primary aims
    • Suggest an optimal study design
    • Help evaluate related published literature on planned measures for adequate evidence of reliability and validity
    • Determine the needed sample size or estimated power and write this up
    • Write the statistical analysis plan for the protocol
    • Respond to relevant parts of a critique by reviewers of the protocol
  2. Implementation and Study Conduct
    • Review proposed data collection instruments and other measures for reliability, validity, and suitability for the planned data analysis
    • Establish coding rules with data entry staff, such as handling of missing data and invalid responses on questionnaires
    • Respond to questions about methodology, including protocol irregularities and changes.
  3. Data Management
    • Identifying and setting up appropriate systems for research data management.
  4. Data Analysis
    • Audit data for completeness and validity
    • Plan, direct, interpret, and report any interim analysis, and advise on changes
    • Plan, direct, interpret, and report the final data analysis
    • Present and explain analytic results to co-investigators and project team
  5. Presentation/Publication
    • Design and direct preparation of tables and publication graphs
    • Collaborate in writing papers, abstracts, presentations
    • Review data accuracy and interpretation of inferential statistics in all reports of study methods and results
    • Respond to journal referees with written comments and/or additional analyses or data
  6. Other Services
    • Provide tutorial paper on various methodologies for self-reading
    • Write 'letter of support' for grants
    • Identify researchers from participating institutions for collaborations on projects and pilot grants