Global Health Innovation Platform


5 Ways to use the LiftOff Health Platform

  1. Network and connect with others in the healthcare industry.  
  2. Have a question and unsure of who to ask? Post up a message and get the answers you really need.
  3. One click collaboration for your company or project. One click launches a new group.
  4. Find Team Members, Partners, and Investors.
  5. Find Customers and Funding. Through members or built in crowdfunding tools.
Microblogging Activity Stream
Communication moves out of the inbox and into activity streams. Linearly threaded conversations in activity feeds are open, fast and visible communications that that can be directed to a large audience or a small group. Everyone is on the same page and nobody is accidentally left out of a communication thread.
  • Linear Threaded Activity Streams
  • Comment / Like / Watch Activity Streams
  • Attach Any File Type to Feeds
Choose the Content You Follow
  • Real‐Time Online
  • Presence Status
  • Public & Private Feeds

Real-Time Communication

Secure instant messaging and real time presence provides enterprise a mode of communication that brings agility to daily work, results in faster turn-around, quick visibility and instant results. The LOH Platform allows co-workers to smoothly follow-up someone's post with a comment, or slide into IM for real-time discussion
  • 1‐on‐1 IM
  • Group Instant
  • Real‐time presence
  • Mobile and desktop Messaging IM
  • Private Messaging
  • Skype integrated voice calling

Project Management

Keep teams informed, in sync and involved‐‐ in ONE place. Plan and share at the real speed of business. Email, wikis and file‐shares just take too much time and effort to track schedules and milestones. Share all the docs and calendars and information needed to manage projects across offices and time zones with The LOH Platform. Get more done, more quickly‐in one place with built‐in, real‐time communication.

  • Following Groups
  • Public groups
  • Private groups
  • Guest passes available
  • Documents can be hot‐ synced
  • Group Chat
  • Group Wall Posts

Task Management

Good for individuals. Great for teams. Forget drafting emails and scheduling meetings to assign tasks or obtain status reports. With The LOH Platform, you'll see at a glance what your team's working on, get real‐time status updates and easily see which tasks have priority. Get organized and more informed with The LOH Platform.

  • Eliminate internal Status meetings
  • See easily who’s doing what and when 
  • Project, Document or Personal Milestone
  • Full Task lifecycle
  • Attach Files to tasks
  • See all tasks in one
  • Prioritize your tasks
Idea Management
No matter where your next million‐dollar idea originates, you'll spot it shining bright on The LOH Platform. When your team can submit ideas, comment, like and follow other people's ideas, it's easy to see which ones create the most buzz and may be worth a closer look. See how The LOH Platform can help your company collect all your employee suggestions and then shepherd the promising ones to fruition, quickly.
  • Anyone can post Ideas
  • Idea Committee
  • Commenting
  • Idea Tagging
  • Idea Search
  • Idea Attachments
Mobile and Desktop Clients
The LOH Platform is optimized for use on all mobile, tablet, and desktop interfaces.
User Profiles
Every user in The LOH Platform has a profile with their picture, information optionally imported from LinkedIn, contact Information, business information, birthdate, a wall for others to post on and a quick link to see recent activity.
  • Profile pictures and user
  • Avatars 
  • Language preference 
  • Personal Blog
  • Followers/Following Lists
  • Wall


Once you have a team and product in place use the LOH Platform built in crowdfunding system.

The LOH Platform Special Sauce
The LOH Platform is just different than other solutions in the same space because communication and collaboration should not be stagnant. The LOH Platform includes the following standard features that facilitate interaction including:
  • Integrated Instant Messaging
  • Rich Action‐Oriented Dashboard
  • Professional Social Real‐Time Presence
  • Status Applications
  • Comprehensive Professional User Profiles
  • Unified Search w/Results Filters
  • Following & Followers
  • Document Attachment Sharing
  • Mentions in Activity
  • Poll Colleagues and Groups Streams
  • Colleague and Team Wall Activity Streams
  • Blogs
  • Colleague Profiles w/ LinkedIn Integration
  • Document Link Sharing
  • Read Receipts for Activity Streams
  • Localized to 76 Languages
  • In‐line Document and Multimedia Viewer
  • Document Folders & Subfolders