Our Mission

LiftOff Health is an innovation platform that was founded to identify and foster breakthrough ideas for healthcare innovation. LiftOff Health aims to move beyond incremental change and make an impact at a system-wide level. LiftOff Health is focused on supporting innovation and entrepreneurial growth for both large and emerging healthcare companies, focusing on the IT and Medical Device spaces. We aim to support the growth of emerging companies while also making it easier for large companies to innovate. Key to our success is the understanding that every organization, large and small, has its own unique set of goals, challenges and needs as it relates to innovation. LiftOff Health leverages the proximity to over 200 foreign embassies and international organizations as well as U.S. Government policy makers and global health companies. LiftOff Health is designed to help leaders and innovators from around the U.S. and the rest of the globe navigate the unique challenges of building a sustainable growth business in the healthcare sector. The program helps speed the growth and success of early-stage health IT companies giving access and advantages typically out-of-reach to healthcare startups. A hybrid model integrates traditional short-term accelerators’ mentoring programs and financing options with an incubators’ longer term working space- based programs.  The unique curriculum and peer networks are designed to help healthcare executives achieve 10x equity value for their businesses. Below are a few of our unique advantages. Please Contact us with any questions.

Solid Educational Foundation                        

LiftOff Health has partnered with Marymount University to structure curriculum to support entrepreneurs through every stage of building a sustainable growth business. This also provides direct opportunities for faculty and students to get hands-on experience with entrepreneurs and early stage businesses.

Improving US Healthcare Policy  

Because LiftOff Health is located at the center of healthcare policy making for the United States we are uniquely positioned to help our companies understand the current and future issues that may impact their businesses as well as help decision makers modify future policies. Our brown bag roundtables allow decision makers from agencies like FDA, HHS, VA, etc. to come and informally discuss the challenges they are facing and hear feedback and possible solutions from entrepreneurs.

Incubator Co-Working Space & Virtual  Members                           

Incubator members apply and are fully vetted before being accepted into the program. They must spend a full year in the program in shared work space facilities before graduating. We also offer co-working space for healthcare entrepreneurs and companies who want to be with other healthcare entrepreneurs and companies. Virtual Members can join from anywhere in the world and have access to the online community and resources as well as participate in accelerator and other educational programs and events.


Global Opportunities                           

LiftOff Health provides U.S. startups with the expertise and network to access global markets and exponentially increase the size of their potential revenues.  We also help international companies who are looking for partners to access the U.S. market.

Accelerator Programs                           

The accelerator program includes 2,4, 8, and 12 week programs (some online) which companies from all over the world can participate in. During the program the entrepreneurs will go through courses and receive mentoring to help them grow their businesses to the next level.


We want to give entrepreneurs the opportunity to work for a short period in existing companies locally and globally in a number of different roles to gain unique experience and perspectives which can make them better entrepreneurs and at the same time bring their energy and enthusiasm to established companies.

Online Community                        

An active online community of global health & wellness innovators including entrepreneurs, investors, organizations, and healthcare professionals to allow LiftOff Health members to get questions answered, find help, partners, team members or investors in a safe and secure environment.

Coach & Mentor network                        

The LiftOff Health Expert Community is made up of healthcare industry executives, entrepreneurs, government leaders, medical professionals and investors committed to helping coach and mentor healthcare executives to grow their businesses.


Unique Local Events                        

LiftOff Health organizes many networking events leveraging our local resources like decision makers in the federal government and over 200 embassies.  Our Embassy series allows our members to learn first hand about health related business opportunities in their countries directly from the Ambassador and their staff.


Demo Days                        

During demo days, our members have the opportunity to present their companies to investors, technologists, business executives, academics, entrepreneurs, and potential customers such as hospitals, doctors, and related businesses.