LiftOff Health Hackathons

What is a “Healthcare Hackathon?”

A healthcare hackathon is an innovation marathon. Students, developers, healthcare professionals, entrepreneurs and more come together to learn, build, and share their creations designed to address a health related problem over the course of a few days. Not to be confused with illegal programming, “hacking” in this case means quickly and creatively creating a real solution that others can use.

What is unique about LiftOff Health’s Hackathon?

LiftOff Health combines a reverse pitch event with a hackathon so that instead of teams coming to the event with ideas in mind that may or may not address real world needs they first hear from subject matter experts ranging from regulators to providers, payers, patients and advocacy groups who outline the urgent needs they have.  All projects become part of LiftOff Health’s online platform so that if teams choose to continue development they can have access to investors, team members, and customers as well as the support of LiftOff Health’s team.

Channel creative energy towards helping improve healthcare

  • Tinker, build, and experiment in fun environment
  • Release creativity—anyone even non techies and health students can get involved
  • Platform for collaboration across the world
  • Accelerated, creative problem solving that leads to action
  • Learn new skills, have fun, build a health entrepreneurship eco-system
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Real world experience
Participants have a chance to work on real projects, using real technologies, that solve real problems. Hackathons help prepare participants for their entrance into the workforce. In addition, the environment at hackathons is very similar to the work environment at many technology startups.

New Friends
When a room is filled with like-minded and highly motivated participants working together to solve a problem for a weekend, it is inevitable for friendships to be formed. Participants meet other participants from around the world and many work together on projects after the hackathon.

Industry Connections
Participants are given a chance to interact with representatives from the world’s top brands. Sponsors send representatives and professional mentors to hackathons.

What happens after the hackathon is just as important as the event itself. A hackathon leaves an organization invigorated and eager to spend their free time working together on projects. Not only do participants attend more hackathons and win more prizes at them, participants are more motivated to sacrifice their free time to learn more and work on projects with their peers.

Preparation for Careers
At hackathons, participants learn skills directly needed for technical careers. Participants have a chance to learn both technical and soft skills through the process of working on a team to build innovative new solutions to problems, often using new technologies.

Ready to change the world?

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Benefits to partners and hosts

Media Attention

Hackathons attract a lot of media attention (NYTimes, WSJ, LATimes), which benefits both participants and schools. Participants get to showcase their projects for a national audience, while schools gain prestige and advertise their cutting-edge programs.


As hackathons bring sponsoring companies onto their campuses, more companies are introduced to that university. Faculty get a chance to meet, interact with, and develop relationships with professionals at the cutting edge of technology. The fact that a university allows their participants to run a hackathon shows that a school is devoted to staying on the forefront of technology education and empowering their participants to lead the charge.

LiftOff Health provides a global online platform to advance healthcare innovation through unique programs and events like hackathons, pitch competitions, workshops, and internal incubators/ accelerators for organizations interested in healthcare innovation.

LiftOff Health’s Platform includes:
  • 55 Certified companies out of 590 who applied
  • 350 Companies, 250+ Mentors, Investors, Partners from 30+ Countries on Platform
  • Total valuation of all LiftOff Health companies: >$650 million
  • Total money raised by all LiftOff Health companies: >$77 million
  • Number of LiftOff Health companies worth more than $10 million: 28
  • Total market cap of all LiftOff Health companies: >$6 billion

Benefits to sponsoring a hackathon

  • Increase your brand exposure from the joint marketing efforts of event organizers, partner sponsors, brand champions, and yourself.
  • Expand your brand's "thought leadership" within your industry by sponsoring and writing a guest blog post or having company leaders serve as coaches or judges at the event, for example.
  • Interact with talented, smart, and passionate individuals who share interest in your industry, some of whom may be looking for employment - saving you hefty recruiting fees.
  • Network with thought leaders from your industry (and others) in the form of our industry-expert coaches, judges, and speakers, as well as fellow sponsors and company reps.
  • Encourage use of your technology by offering a prize for best use of your technology by a team, and having personnel on-hand to ease technical integration and act as brand evangelists.

Host a liftoff hackathon at your organization

Contact us at or 703-828-5327 to learn how to host a hackathon at your High School, University, Accelerator, Incubator, Organization or Company