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LiftOff Health's programs and platform provide the opportunities and tools needed by entrepreneurs to help them get their ideas off the ground, have greater productivity, more jobs, and higher economic growth while creating healthcare solutions that help millions of people. 

Our "health hackathon in a box" program provides an affordable and easy to manage innovation event for universities, accelerators, incubators, and other organizations around the world who would like to host a health hackathon to strengthen or build the local health business eco-system.

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Arab Health Conference - Dubai

LiftOff Health exhibited at this year's Arab Health Conference in Dubai, UAE. Take a quick video walk around the 1M square feet of exhibition space and see some of the 4000+ exhibitors from 167 countries and the newest innovations in healthcare.

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LiftOff Health has built a global platform to advance healthcare innovation through collaboration. It provides a single entry point for startups and scaleups to connect with investors, payers, providers, regulators, non-profits, key opinion makers and more.

LiftOff Health's platform gives access to healthcare focused online classes, resources, and an unmatched peer to peer network. It is designed to allow people who can be part of the wider solution (parents, caregivers, parents, non-profits, foundations, etc.) to work collaboratively to develop their ideas, giving people the opportunity to help change the world.

Innovation in healthcare comes from all over the world. It’s not feasible for companies to relocate to get the benefits of a physical incubator/accelerator. We take the physical experience and bring it online, accessible to any entrepreneur in any location throughout the world serving the 98% of the 10 million healthcare businesses started every year that do not live in a major entrepreneurial hub like London, Boston, New York, or Silicon Valley.

The platform invites the world to develop solutions, contribute to ideas and in the process identify potential partners to scale their solutions. New ‘great challenges' will regularly be put on the platform, where community members will be able to submit ideas and build on other peoples' through community collaboration and up-voting.

Using global crowdsourcing as an engine to ignite and drive healthcare, the ideation and innovation process is incentivized, encouraging open collaboration to find solutions to real healthcare challenges.

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"We joined LiftOff Health in December after struggling for 2 years to find a business community and support entity in the Digital/Mobile Healthcare space. The founders at LiftOff have helped us with our business strategy, connecting us with other companies and resources that have been critical to our path forward. We are very excited to be part of the program and continue to seek their guidance as we prepare to raise money for Series A funding."

                         -Madvhi Upender, CEO Awarables, Inc.